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Policies - general conditions

  • General Contract

  • All clients –including children- without exception must have their personal and traveling documents up-to-date, e.g., passports, national identification documents, etc. as required by the laws of the country/countries to be visited.

    It will be the CLIENT’S responsibility to obtain the needed legal documents in order to visit a destination, such as visas, identification documents, passports, etc. MyDay Travel will not be held responsible for expenses the customer incurred in for not having the above mentioned documents, or because these lack the requirements stipulated by law.

    It will be the CLIENT’S responsibility that the flight timetables notified to MyDay Travel be correct. In case additional services are booked by the CLIENT, these will be scheduled according to the timetables aforementioned.

    THE PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE any service not specified in the booking confirmation.

  • Cancellations and Changes

  • Change of names in the bookings, or cancellations of the bookings prior to 45 days of the event/events, are not permitted due to restrictions of inventory in our database.

  • Not showing up at the Hotel

  • The CLIENT’s not showing up at the lodging place without notice and consent by MyDay Travel will be viewed as a cancellation.

    The CLIENT not showing up under such criteria will not be reimbursed. MyDay Travel will inform the CLIENT of the cancellation fees incurred in due to the no show. Such fees can vary from one night charge up to the 100 % of the original booking.

    In the event that the CLIENT decided to cancel the services booked through MyDay Travel, he will be entitled to the monies that he had already paid; this, with the exception of services and/or suppliers that cause or charge a cancellation fee.

    As a general rule, cancellations made 7 days prior to the departure will not result in fees.

    However, depending on each particular booking, this period of time may vary. At the time of the reservation the system will indicate the cancellation deadline in order to avoid paying fees.

    The total of the fees varies in accordance with the type of destination, dates, and hotels’ own policies. If by an unforeseen occurrence, it was not possible to make the cancellation through the system, then MyDay Travel must be notified in writing, mentioning the destination and the booking number. Upon receipt, MyDay Travel will then proceed to cancel and issue a confirmation. If applicable, the CLIENT will be notified of whatever fees he incurred in. It will be the CLIENT’S responsibility to obtain a confirmation of the cancellation and/or an acknowledgment of receipt. In the event that the CLIENT makes the cancellation directly with the hotel, and the latter one charges MIDAY TRAVEL, then, the CLIENT has to make the due compensation to MyDay Travel.

  • Changes

  • Unless it is approved by MyDay Travel, the CLIENT is not permitted to reduce or extend the length of the stay, neither the services contracted, nor change the name of a confirmed booking.

    Without the required authorization, any of these changes will be considered as a cancellation of the reservation.

    Changes made to lengthen the stay will be subject to availability. If changes were possible, the final price will increase proportionally.

    In the event that the CLIENT were to leave the hotel before the check out date (early check-out) any reimbursement must be requested through MyDay Travel before 20 days have elapsed since the early checkout. This request must be accompanied by a written confirmation from the hotel stating the date and time of the actual check out.

    During high season, it may be occur that the hotel charges the total of the booking for either a no show or an early checkout. In such case, a reimbursement will not be possible.

    Eventualities due to force majeure – that is, incurred not as a product or result of the negligence or malfeasance of a party such as wars, revolutions, terrorist acts, closing of borders, epidemics, catastrophes, etc. – pose a threat and can affect the country the CLIENT is from, or the destination/destinations he is intending to visit. In that case, the bookings made through MyDay Travel can be cancelled per request and without penalties.

  • Important Information

  • Be aware that it is a common practice that some hotels change their names, or be used by different franchises without previous notice. This by no means represents a hotel change or a change in the reservation.

    Some countries apply a local tax known as lodging tax or tourist tax. This will have to be paid by the CLIENT directly at the airport and/or at the hotel.

    Hotels advertise their grading according to their own criteria. These ratings also abide by the norms ruling each country. Therefore, a hotel having a certain category may have differences in performance and quality when compared with another hotel of the same level but from a different country.

    The information provided about the hotels through MyDay Travel reflects what the establishments have indicated beforehand. MyDay Travel is not responsible for a lack of fidelity in the information. MyDay Travel is not responsible for the lack of fidelity of the information provided by its suppliers.

    MyDay Travel provides the information that the hotel has given about the ongoing construction and/or remodeling works within its facilities, as well as the duration of these. MyDay Travel will not accept disputes in the event that these works take longer than expected, or when they take place during the CLIENT’S stay but were never notified.

  • Ground Transportation

  • The following terms will apply to CLIENTS that book ground transportation services through MyDay Travel.

    MyDay Travel agrees to transport the passenger and his luggage in accordance with the services booked through MyDay Travel. This service will be provided according to the existing regulations for either a general or private transfer.

    MyDay Travel is not obliged to transport children under 14 unless he is under the supervision of a 16 year old individual or older.

    It is possible that in some destinations a 2 year old holding one seat be charged, whereas in other destinations they travel free as long as they are accompanied by a 16 year old that had paid a full fare. In either case, it is necessary to make a reservation for every 2 year old child or older.

    Reservations: Bookings for ground transportation must be made with a minimum of 48 hours prior to departure. The request for a reservation has to be sent through XML integration to MyDay Travel.

    Once the transfer reservation is complete it will show up in the system with a voucher number. This voucher has to be printed out and shown as a proof of the reservation.

    Voucher: The voucher will contain all the needed information to locate the point of origin of the transfer. This document will also show a phone number to confirm the reservation and to obtain information on possible contingencies.

    Changes/Modifications: The address/addresses of pick up and drop off contained in the voucher are the address/addresses where the passenger will be picked up or dropped off. Any changes to this reservation will be subject to administrative fees, as well as an increment in the fare if the point of origin is located 2 kilometers away from the point of origin previously confirmed.

    MyDay Travel reserves the right to withhold the transfer if this one differs greatly from the one originally booked. No changes or modifications will be allowed 48 hours or less prior to departure.

    Cancellations: The customer is authorized to cancel the transfer/transfers through MyDay Travel system. These cancellations must be done with a minimum of 4 days prior to departure. MyDay Travel will refund these funds according to the existing cancellations’ policy.

    No Shows: If the passenger does not show up without further notice and without MyDay Travel’s consent this action will be considered as a cancellation.

    The CLIENT will not be reimbursed in his entirety under the above terms and conditions. MyDay Travel will inform the CLIENT of the fees to be covered due to the cancellation. These fees can amount to the entirety of the original booking.

    The CLIENT will provide the needed information for the ground transportation. The voucher has to be verified completely by the CLIENT in order to avoid possible mistakes.

    The passenger must carry his voucher with him whenever he is being transferred. The passenger must show the voucher whenever he is asked. The passenger must keep the voucher in good conditions.

    Lost Vouchers: If the voucher is lost, misplaced, or stolen, MyDay Travel is not under obligation to issue another one. The passenger will be asked to get a new one so that he can be granted the service.

    Damaged or Altered Vouchers: If the voucher is damaged or altered it will be considered as void, and if the passenger travels with such it will be considered as if he is traveling with none.

    Luggage: Passengers are allowed to carry ONE SUITCASE and ONE CARRY ON. Any luggage excess must be notified at the time of the booking. MyDay Travel has the right to apply a fee when there is an excess of luggage due to the need of an additional vehicle.

    MyDay Travel must be informed when the passenger carries items such as sports gear (golf clubs, ski, or windsurfing boards, etc.) and wheelchairs. These items will cause an extra charge. MyDay Travel will apply this charge according to the destination and the supplier of the service. This extra charge must be covered before departure. If there is no notice of such items being carried, MyDay Travel reserves the right to deny the transporting of such items generating the excess.

    The baggage must be adequately labeled with the name of the passengers and the destination.

    MyDay Travel reserves the right (and delegates such rights to the drivers and designated agents) to deny transportation to individuals believed to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, and whose behavior poses a threat to the rest of the passengers, the driver, or the vehicle. Under such circumstances, MyDay Travel reserves the right to withhold any reimbursement. No alternative service will be provided.

    Passengers are not permitted to drink alcoholic beverages on any of the transportation means. The only exception to this norm will be when it has been agreed upon MyDay Travel and the passengers when utilizing a limousine. In such cases, a reasonable amount of alcoholic beverages will be allowed. Smoking is not allowed unless the driver grants permission.

    As regards ground transportation services, it is the responsibility of the passenger to make sure that his baggage and carry on items are loaded in the luggage compartments of the vehicle he is using. It is understood that the luggage is transported under the supervision and responsibility of the passenger. It is highly recommended that the passenger be present when bags are handled, whether they are being loaded or unloaded.

  • Liability

  • MyDay Travel will take all the reasonable and necessary measures to ensure that the vehicle/vehicles arrive on time to fulfill the services for which they have been hired, and to transfer the passengers to their destination on time. All vehicles used have full coverage insurance according to the regulations of each particular destination, thus protecting passengers and third parties.

    In case of an unforeseen event, such as the vehicles not arriving for pick up, MyDay Travel will provide other means of suitable transportation, such as a motor coach, a private car, a taxicab, etc. MyDay Travel will reimburse the passenger in case he had to another means of transportation to reach the destination shown in the voucher due to the no show of the vehicle hired. The amount to be reimbursed should not exceed an established taxi fare to reach the confirmed destination.

    MyDay Travel will be exempt from liability in case of any delay or mechanical failure on the part of the hired ground transportation. This liability also applies to a breach of contract on the part of that party due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of MyDay Travel. The following will be considered as circumstances of force majeure: wars or threats of war, accidents that cause a delay, adverse weather conditions, fires, civil or political unrest, custom duties, security checks, fatal road accidents, vandalism, terrorist acts, unforeseen traffic jams, labor strikes, unrest caused by other travelers, bankruptcy on the part of the suppliers used by MyDay Travel, and any other circumstances that pose a threat to the passenger’s security.

    The amount of the maximum liability of MyDay Travel owed to the CLIENT and/or to the passenger/passengers by any reasonable and unpredictable loss, damage, or impediment that the passenger may suffer, or that he may incur in as a result of a failure of MyDay Travel, breach of contract, or any act or omission deliberate or negligence by any of the employees of MyDay Travel, will be limited to the price paid in the reserve of the shuttle service hired.

    MyDay Travel cannot be held liable under any circumstances for the passenger’s luggage.

  • Hotels

  • Children

    The special needs of children are agreed with each service provider and do not obey to a single criterion. Therefore, since each establishment and/or provider can implement reductions or special conditions, MyDay Travel requires that at the time of the booking a mention be made about traveling with children so that the CLIENT can be informed about existing regulations.


    In view of the limited number of cribs that an establishment may possess, it is important that at the time of the booking a mention be made of such need. The establishment may request a charge for the use of such item.

    Third Persons

    Most hotels consider the reservation for a third person as a reservation of an extra bed in a double room. At the time of the booking, ask about the charge for an extra bed as well as its availability, since each establishment has a limited number in their inventory. Failing to inform the need for an extra bed will cause the establishment to deny it, and under such circumstances, MyDay Travel will not follow up a dispute or a reimbursement.

  • Important Notice


    U.S. citizens or U.S. residents traveling to Cuba are under the applicable U.S. embargo laws against Cuba. These citizens must obtain a license from the U.S. government to travel to this destination. There will be no refund or liability incurred on the part of MyDay Travel with respect to any purchase by U.S. citizens or U.S. residents who have not obtained the appropriate licenses in a timely fashion.

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