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Delphinus in Xel-Ha

Delphinus in Xel-Ha - MyDay Travel
  • Category: Theme & Aquatic Parks
  • Live the extraordinary experience of taking a dip and playing with dolphins on this visit to Delphinus. Located in Mexico’s paradisiacal Playa del Carmen, Delphinus is home to a variety of friendly and beautiful dolphins. It’s highly qualified programs give you the chance to live this dream desired by so many: to slip into the waters alongside a happy, smiling dolphin, an experience you will certainly not be quick to forget. Swimming with the dolphins at Delphinus can be described with many adjectives – fun, educational, moving, charming, enchanting – because it is the worldwide leader in responsible and sustainable management of dolphins. The facilities of its location in Xel-Há have a stunning vanguard design that doesn’t only make it a fun space, but also a beautiful one to be in. Also, the professionals working there have all the best qualifications and experience to ensure your time with the dolphins will be unforgettable. Plus, at Delphinus you can opt to join the Dolphinclusive program, the very first all-inclusive of its kind. After a short but comprehensive briefing, you will have all the knowledge you need to join the dolphins swimming in their breath-taking natural location, one of the most stunning spaces in the world. Spend at least half an hour floating in the mesmerizing peace of the waters alongside the magical company of one of the ocean’s most intelligent creatures. And after sharing their space and interacting with them, you will be convinced why they are defined as such. Dolphinclusive: your all-inclusive package to get the most out of your day at Xel-Há ecological park. This includes you Full-day access to Xel-Há park and over 20 activities, Swim with dolphins (participants can select the Primax, Interax or Dolphin Ride program), equipment for snorkeling with dolphins, free transportation to and from your hotel, food and beverages, towels and lockers. Interax: interact with dolphins and live a unique experience with one of the ocean’s most intelligent animals. 14 different activities including kissing, hugging and jumping, that make for an unforgettable experience. Duration 45 minutes: 30 minutes in the water and 15 minutes training. Dolphinclusive Premium 6: this swim with dolphins is exclusive for 6 people and offers everything you would expect, 16 different activities like: kisses, hugs, foot push, jumps, dancing and much more. Duration: 60 min: 45 minutes in the water and 15 minutes training. Dolphin Ride: swim free with the dolphins, salute them, hug them, play with them and get a dolphin kiss! There are 11 different activities to learn and have fun. 10 people maximum. Duration: 45 minutes: 30 minutes in the water and 15 minutes training. Start or opening time 7am (depending of the hotel localization). Dolphin Ride: 10:30am, 12:30am, 1:30pm and 2pm. Dolphin Premium: 10:30am, 11:30am, 12:30am and 2pm. Dolphin Interax 11am. End or closing time 7pm approx. Opening days/period Monday to Sunday. Languages English and Spanish.

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  • Delphinus in Xel-Ha - MyDay Travel
  • Delphinus in Xel-Ha - MyDay Travel
  • Delphinus in Xel-Ha - MyDay Travel
  • Delphinus in Xel-Ha - MyDay Travel
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Dolphinclusive interax 2
$ 126.50 USD

Dolphinclusive Premium 2
$ 190.15 USD

Dolphinclusive ride 2
$ 142.42 USD

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